The GoPrint Vision

We at GoPrint understand the challenges libraries and colleges face today trying to keep up with the increasing costs and ever rapid technology trends for printing, copying, and lab management. We know, we hear about it every day from our customers, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing the right cost-effective tools to fit all your needs.

Our cost recovery print and copy management solution is designed to work seamlessly with your current printing and copying environment and payment systems to ensure an easy, successful implementation, reducing printer/copier wear and tear, paper waste, and staff overhead and therefore promoting a more responsible, sustainable environment.

Teaming up with the PMS is our computer reservation system, MyPC® This solution was introduced at the suggestion of our GoPrint customers who were looking for a system to notify users of available systems, limit who has access to specific computers, and even restricting how long they can use them all the while tracking usage for reporting purposes, and therefore allowing you to maximize your public computing investment.

And with the recent trend toward cloud printing and support for B.Y.O.D. devices, GoPrint introduced Mobile printing from personal laptops and devices offering several easy-to-use methods for your users to submit print jobs without any of the network or print driver hassles.

Our team of technologists, engineers, and sales managers are dedicated to ensuring a successful launch of your new implementation, and work collaboratively with you to develop cost effective payment processes, system policies, staff training, and will even assist in designing patron internal promotion campaigns, all with the goal of establishing the over-the-top support we are known for.

Latest GoPrint Updates

July, 2014 Version 4.1.18 - ITC NetZ terminal device integration, Cartadis cPad touchscreen copier terminal enhanced Release Station support, ability to claim mobile jobs by an email address and linkage to Quota account, support for EFI PrintMe Mobile, and Google Cloud Print, new product introduction – Computer Booking System. READ MORE 

June, 2014 Version 4.1.17 - Low Balance Email Notification, Cashier Email Receipt for Balance adjustments and debit transactions, Enhanced reporting for departmental chargeback, OneCard transactions, and Point of Sale by location, Option to Email a receipt for TouchNet Credit Card Gateway Connector Payments.

May 2014 Version 4.1.16 - Web Client improved computer name resolution, Updated Mac OS X Web Client to run in the menu bar instead of the dock, Added Apple-registered company signature to Mac OS X Web Client builds, Cpad

March 2014 Version 4.1.14 - Cartadis cPad vending terminal support for copy and scanning, Added duplex discount prices section with enable duplex checkbox option to Cartadis CPad, Mask the card number for all completed transactions on all OneCard payment connectors that do support offline mode. not support offline mode configuration.