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GoPrint Print Management

We at ITC Systems understand the challenges libraries and colleges face today trying to keep up with the increasing costs and ever rapid technology trends for printing and copying. We know, we hear about it every day from our customers, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing the right cost-effective tools to fit all your needs.

Our cost recovery print management solutions allows you to manage, monitor, control and track your clients printing and copying needs. With features that support a wide variety of payments options, such as, credit card gateways, campus OneCard systems, cash to account, value cards, and quota allowances. Our solutions suppport unauthenicated and authenticated user enviroments. Ideal for open labs and guest users and account-based systems integrating with LDAP, SSO, staff cashiers, and self-registration.

Key Features

  • Decision Based Printing
  • LDAP Integration
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • External Db Integration
  • Windows,Linux,Mac
  • Campus OneCard Systems
  • Credit Card Gateways
  • Web Cashier
  • Self-Service Registration
  • Bulk User import
  • GoPrint Dashboard
  • Expandable Reports
  • Granular Administration
  • Custom Branding
  • Print Filters

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Vending Solutions

printing and copying for  Libraries, Colleges, Universities

As a global leader in the development of vending hardware, we offer a wide variety of devices to compliment your desired payment environment.

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Mobile Printing

ITC Systems offers a 100% wireless and driverless printing environment for mobile devices. Supported features include: web-based document upload, E-mail printing, and iOS and Android devices using the PrinterOn Mobile print app.

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Multiplan One Card

As a global leader in the development of vending hardware, we offer a wide variety of devices to compliment your desired payment environment.

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Computer Reservation

MyPC® is one of the leading computer booking and access management solutions and is widely used in Education and Public Libraries.

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Library Card System

ITC Systems' library solutions provide all the essential features your library needs such as computer reservations, mobile web email, and iOs and android printing, Embedded MFP Solutions, Library Information System integration, Copy & Print Managment as well as all the latest and most durable hardware components.

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Laundry Master Solution

ITC Systems’ Laundry Master Solution meets the needs of today’s multi-machine laundry rooms on campuses, apartment buildings, laundromats, etc. Ideal for Solution charging and tracking machine use.

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Food Service Solution

ITC Systems offers a complete food service solution for all your dining, casual dining, bar, food court and pub environments. Our food service solution starts with the powerful backend Multiplan software that allows for transaction management, debit accounts, Meal Plans, Payroll Deductions, Cashless Vending and Comprehensive Reporting.

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Access control

The Salto Virtual Network (SVN) is a combination of online and offline stand-alone readers. The door hardware is networked to your server without wires, infrared, or Wi-Fi. The link that enables communication is carried by the "intelligent" key, which is a two-way data transporter that grants access to residences, offices, common areas, and even lockers.

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